Monday, March 2, 2009

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home Review , a Giveaway, and Some Exciting News!

Before I go into my review, I just wanted to let everyone know that there have been some changes over at my main blog, Life's Sweet Passions! The first change is huge, in that the blog now has it's own domain! The address now is If you currently subscribe to the feed of this other blog, there is no need to change your links (unless you feel like doing so), due to the ease of transition. Google has automatically forwarded all my current feeds.

-The look of Life's Sweet Passions will be changing soon, as well. I have found a very talented blog designer who is currently working on a new look for my blog. I also plan to change the look of this blog in the near future, so be on the look out!

-And now we come to the part you have most likely been waiting for. I was given the opportunity by the Hachette Book Group, to review the book: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home, by Mrs. Thelma Meyer. I was a bit hesitant at first about reviewing this book, as I am not usually interested in self-help books. But I was caught by part of the description that said: "With prices going up and time seeming to dissolve with our busy lives, practical, earth-friendly, time-saving advice for cleaning seems like a good way to keep house." I decided to give the book a try, and am very happy that I did.

 You may have heard of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, or you may already use the products. But if you are wondering just who this Mrs. Meyer is, then wonder no more. In this book we meet Thelma Meyer, the inspiration behind the line of eco-friendly cleaning products, the mother of nine children, and a woman who really knows how to clean.

I loved the practicality of the advice given in this book. Mrs. Meyer tells you like it is, from advice such as "do it right the first time," to "put some elbow grease into it," she tells you exactly what you need to hear to get your house clean from top to bottom. Her advice at times reminded me of the advice one would hear from a trusted family member, as she tells you how to do something twice as easy as the way you've been doing it for years. She talks about reducing the things your family uses, and about not wasting anything. From watering the plants with the water you used to wash vegetables, to using products that are good for you and the environment, she gives eco-friendly advice and cleaning recipes that will help anyone striving to be green.

I loved the book's format, which was very refresing compared to other self help books. The pages are colorful and fun to read; no text-books here! The book is choc-full of everything to do with keeping house, making it the perfect book for those who are just learning household duties. My favorite parts are the weekly, monthly, and yearly chore lists. Exactly how often should I clean out the refridgerator? How often should I clean the curtains and vacuum the couches? Mrs. Meyer tells in her lists, exactly when these things should be done.

And for a quick sneak peak, here's a tip from the book:

What do you do when your house is a disaster and your friends just called and will be over in a few minutes? Mrs. Meyer's advice is not to panic, take a deep breath, and do "triage." 

1. Focus what they'll see first
2. Add shimmer and shine
3. Beautify the bathroom
4. Clean up the kitchen
5. Cope with suspicious smells
6. Dim the lights and break out the candles


I've loved reading this book, and seeing the applications it has in my home. And now, five lucky readers have the chance to get their own copy of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home!  To enter, read the rules on the giveaway post, and leave a comment or two, following the guidelines!

Good luck, and thanks for visiting My Passion for Reading!

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  1. This sounds great! I always try to keep as green as possible and I can always use some cleaning
    Have A Great Day!