Sunday, January 11, 2009


"Good," I said, completely provoked. "You deserve it. Maybe that will teach you to go haring round the countryside kidnapping young women and k-killing people, and…" I felt myself ridiculously close to tears and stopped, fighting for control.
Dougal was growing impatient with this conversation. "Well, can ye keep one foot on each side of the horse, man?"
"He can't go anywhere!" I protested indignantly. "He ought to be in a hospital! Certainly he can't---"
My protests, as usual, went completely ignored.
"Can ye ride?" Dougal repeated.
"Aye, if ye'll take the lassie off my chest and fetch me a clean shirt."

Chapter 3: The Man in the Wood - Pages 78-79

Diana Gabaldon can write one heck of a book! I was in love with Outlander from the first chapter, and stayed up all night just so I could finish all 600+ pages in one sitting. It really took two sittings, but who's counting? I had such fun reading this book, it easily makes it into my top 10 favorites...maybe even top five. And a romance novel, to boot! But not merely is it a romance novel, it also packs action, humor, suspense, history, tragedy, and true love all in one sweet little package. There was actually interesting, time-worthy content to it.

Diana did such a wonderful job in developing her characters, they come alive; something that I find is usually lacking in most novels today. Jamie's innate sense of humor had me laughing long after I read his passages, and Claire's inner thoughts were interesting, descriptive, and well-placed. Even the other characters are surprisingly well-developed, steeped in the rich history of Scotland.

I waited a long time to read this book, because the synopsis did not appeal to me. Time-travel romance is not something I wanted to read about. But if this is what is holding you back, don't let it! Give Outlander a try, and lose yourself like I did!

The book is rich in history, romance, drama... It has the qualities of a true epic, easily rivalling such classics as "Gone With the Wind".
-Smhtjoa, customer review

2 books down for the Romance Reading Challenge, 3 to go!
1 book down for the Read Your Name Challenge, 7 to go!

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  1. Nice review! I'm going to read this one. I was trying to figure out what to read next for the Romance Challenge. You're fast!
    I've left 3 awards for you over on my page. If you like them, come pick them up :)

  2. two sittings! wow! you are fast. I'm going to read this one too, great reviee :)

  3. Hi Penelope. You've been tagged!
    I had a smile on my face making my list, I hope it brings a smile to your face too.
    PS: I ordered Outlander at Amazon. Can't wait to read it after your review :)

  4. Love this review. I was the same way...I put off reading this one because I don't care for romance nor time travel. But this book absolutely defies genre!

    Thanks for joining our little challenge -- I'm getting you all set up and a link to your blog up today!