Monday, June 8, 2009

REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: If Your Kid Eats This Book, Everything Will Still be Okay

Dr. Zibners covers every part of the body and offers sound advice (for example, did you know that oil is a remedy for dissolving superglue between body parts?), all the while maintaining an hilarious tone. To the question, "What if she chokes on her vomit?" Dr. Zibners answers that a healthy child will not choke on her own vomit, unless she is "drunk or high on Grandma's sleeping pills."

Finally, no more frantic, late-night searched through the "what to buy," "how to diaper," or "what to feed him" sections found in other childcare books to find out if little Franny needs to go to the ER. This book focuses on the essential questions, like how to keep her from electrocuting herself in the first place.

Did you know that even though your kid just took a swig of bleach, she may not have to go to she emergency room?

When I first received this book for review, I expected it to be yet another version of way-too-overdone parenting book. I began reading and waited for the chapters about changing diapers, washing bottles, and how to tell if your child is really hungry vs. really tired.

This is not that book.

Everyone wishes they could have a stand-by Medical Doctor in their home. Well, this book isn't that, but it's the next best thing!

Lara Zibners, MD, tells us parents all about the Emergency Department (apparantly it's the ED, not ER) and when to take our children there. We are told that over half of the 25 million visits made by children per year, to the Emergency Department, are unnecessary. Zibners used her good sense of humor to gently educate parents on what types of injuries or illnesses really warrant an ED visit, vs. what doesn't. I especially love the way that Dr. Zibner uses her sense of humor to make the reader feel more comfortable. The entire section on vomit in Chapter 6 had me laughing out loud so many times.

"Vomiting Colors
I honestly could care less what color the vomit is until you tell me it is green. And not the yellow-green that comes up when there is nothing left to vomit. That is stomach juice. We are talking green, green, green. Green like a Christmas tree green. Green like my scrub pants green...."

I've definitely been guilty of bringing this up to my doctor before...actually, more than once. She gently ensured me that the color really doesn't matter unless it's green.

I was extremely surprised by some of the things I learned in this book and I really wish I could have read it two years ago, just before I had Monkey, as I found the newborn chapter especially helpful and full of amazing facts that I didn't know.

Great book, Dr. Zibner, I'm so glad I got to read it!

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