Monday, June 1, 2009

The Mortal Instruments Series, by Cassandra Clare

Okay, This series by Cassandra Clare is one of my absolute favorites. And I know I say that a lot, but this time I really, really, mean it! I soooo want to spoil the books for everyone because I want to talk about them, but I won't. I'll satisfy that urge by joining online fan forums. :)

There are three books in the series, The city of Bones, The city of Ashes, and The City of Glass. I just finished reading The City of Ashes, and am now hyped up on demons, battles, and witty sarcasm... which the books have plenty of. Clare's characters are hillariously funny, and even her own descriptions in the book hold to their own sense of humor. I loved coming across descriptions that were so random and sarcastic, they made me laugh:

"The boy's wide eyes were way too bright a green, Clary noticed: the color of antifreeze, spring grass."

"He had electric blue hair that had stuck around his head like tendrils of a startled octopus."

There were some grammar errors that I noticed in the book (but don't expect me to look them up; I've long forgotten would have taken me out of the great story to stop and write them down!), but other than that, I didn't have any negative feelings towards the books. I do, however, know that some people were bothered by the reasons behind the "forbidden love" in the book. I was bothered by it a little, but I did see it coming before it happened, and by the time I finished the second book I relaxed, realizing from the hints given, that things weren't as they seemed. I know that whole sentence sounds like a code, but I can't explain any further without spoiling the book.

All in all, this is a great series. I still need to read the last book, but from what I hear about it, I know I'll love it. I recommend The Mortal Instruments series to those who love the magical world, those who love sitting on the edge of their seat, those who are looking for forbidden love, and those who love mysteries and adventures with a sense of humor.

All I can say now, is: "Move over Edward, Jace has now arrived."

3 down, 2 to go for the Romance Reading Challenge.
3 down, 3 to go for the What's in a Name? Challenge.

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  1. I am also waiting for the third book - you've probably read it by now though! Don't tell me what happens! :)
    I came across your review on the What's in a Name Challenge website. I also reviewed City of Bones for the body part category. Check out my reviews here for City of Bones: and here for City of Ashes: